Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yellow/blue diaper cake

This is a real good idea for a unique gift for a baby shower, I know there are so many diaper cakes ideas out there but I just have to show you one I made that got many compliments at a recent baby shower.
Use Newborn disposable diapers, they work really well for this project.
They really are so easy to make, use cardboard to cut out a circle any size you want the bottom layer to be...
1. Start from the middle of the cardboard, place the diapers in a circle working your way outwards, tie a thin ribbon around the diapers to hold them in place. When you get the desired size make sure they are snug.
2. Start the second layer...position the diapers the same way only you do not need a second round cardboard and make it smaller than the first. This may be done on the counter or table top.
3. Start the third layer...same as before, making it smaller than the second layer.
Place the largest layer on bottom, followed by the second smallest on top of the first, then the third smallest on the very top. (refer to picture above)
Tuck in some matching crinkle paper here and there to make it look really pretty.
Take some wide ribbon and place around each layer (hiding the original thin ribbon you used to hold diapers together), finish off with a bow. Line the layers up so that the bows are on the same side. Add a matching decorative ribbon around the bottom of the cake to give it a finished look. (refer to picture above)
Tuck baby items here and there, top off with a baby doll or a stork or any thing you think will look pretty as a cake topper.
See, I told you it was easy.
Transporting to site of party might be a little tricky because layers might slip off. Treat it as you would a real cake...gingerly. You may purchase an extra large clear cellophane gift bag and place the cake in it, and gather it at the top, finish it off with ribbons and a huge bow. Attach a cute gift tag and it's good to go.
Depending on the size of the diaper cake you want to make be prepared to buy several packages of Newborn disposable diapers!
Added tip: You can tuck in some gift certificates for the mommy-to-be as an added surprise, maybe; Starbucks, book store or baby sitting coupons....use you imagination....she will certainly appreciate it!

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