Monday, August 20, 2012


Visited with my cousins Norma and Nora a couple of days ago, we had loads of  fun!  I love spending time with them because they are awesome!!  Well, Norma and I had an amazing surprise waiting for us.....Nora gifted each of us a brand spanking new Scotch ATG!!!!!  Wow!!!!!  Was I surprised!!!  I had mentioned to Nora a while back, that I have been wanting to get one for the longest time....and she acted on that and gave me one......I started to cry because that was just the sweetest and most thoughtful gift....and it came directly from her heart. It was a genuine gift of love. She even gave us some self adhesive sparklies to bling them up with (which I promptly did)!!!
 I  LOVE  IT   ♥ Thank you Nora, you are an amazing woman!!  Love you!!!
Now, down to some serious paper crafting using my new ATG!!!