Monday, April 23, 2012


I've been making some jean pocket crafts out of old jean that don't fit anymore and have some jean legs left over, so I'm searching my brain for some crafty ideas for them.....suddenly it hit me.......maybe I can slip the bottom of the jean leg onto an empty coffee can!  It can be used for a silk floral arrangement or just place a jar of water in it and fill with Daisies!!  It can also be a catch-all for pen and pencils or fill with scissors, crafting supplies or whatever strikes your fancy!!
If you would like to create one too, just gather a few items that you probably already have at home;
1 large empty coffee can with plastic lid (save lid)
1 bluejean leg
1 small jean pocket...the small one that's inside the front jean pocket (the regular pockets might be too big)
Hot glue
Trims and lace for embellishments

This is the inside view, you can see the plastic lid at the bottom

 Cut the jean leg at the knee, slip it, hem side first, over the open end of the coffee can all the way down until the hem is flush with the bottom of the can.  The jeans I was working with just so happened to fit snug on the coffee can.  Tuck the top of the jean leg into the can, if it bunches too much at  the bottom, trim it to where it lays flat on the bottom.  Measure the inside bottom of the can then take the plastic lid, apply the measurement to it and trim off the excess until it fits snuggly into the inside bottom over the trimmed jean fabric, thus giving you a clean, smooth bottom in the can..  Glue the small pocket onto the outside, making sure not to glue it shut, and embellish away!!!
I'm making several to sell at the next craft show!!