Monday, November 3, 2014

Tooth Fairy wall hanging

Tooth Fairy themed Altered Trap
Hi again!!  I went to a crafting class at my local public library recently and the craft was artistically Altered Mouse Traps, it was a really fun class!!  Some of us used the small mouse traps and others used the larger traps.  I used the larger trap.  We used wire cutters and needle nose pliers to remove most of the mechanisms leaving only the spring-action arm, this part will hold notes, cards, money and things of that nature that goes with the theme of your choosing.  It is really as easy as it looks, just embellish with trims, trinkets, old jewelry pieces, buttons, paint, scrapbook paper, old greeting card cutouts and anything your heart desires!!   You're limited by your own imagination!  You can go online and use Google to see many more really creative altered mouse traps.
I added a small drawstring pouch for holding the lost tooth and a small bottle of Fairy Dust to sprinkle just a little into the pouch along with the tooth.  The spring action arm can be lifted and the Tooth Fairy can slip in a dollar or two or five where it will be held securely.
One tip I will mention is to use small eyehooks or eye bolts, an eye bolt is a metal bolt with a loop at one end that are screwed into the wood.  They are used to firmly attach a securing eye to the bottom so that dangling things may then be tied to it, or to the top to attach a beaded hanger such as the one I attached to mine.
My theme for the one I created was "Tooth Fairy".  I had to bring it home from the class incomplete because I accidentally left some items that I needed to add to it at home!! Oy!!!
Some of the others made some really gorgeous ones!  Their themes were Vintage Jewelry, Christmas, Hearts and Steampunk!  Very Cool!!!