Sunday, January 27, 2013

Art using paint chips

Anytime we make a trip to Home Depot or Lowes, I make a bee line to the paint department.   I LOVE to look at all the different color paint chips they have on display......for the!!  I pick and choose lots of those paint chips every time and bring them home with me, they can be used in many art projects......but they just sit there...... in a box......... with all the others I collected before.  So I decided to make art with them!  I had two 8x10 canvases and sprayed painted both black, then used my fingers to paint one foreground in teal and the other in a nice rich green.  I then painted a black heart in the center and took the teal paint chips and cut them up in different sizes and glued them in the heart in a mosaic style and did the same for the second one with green paint chips.  After all was dry, I wrote out "Faith" on the green and "Hope" on the  teal.  I am very happy with the end results, two more canvases are waiting to be made up the same way, with other inspiring words.   Can't hardly wait to work on them!!  I'll post those pics when they are finished.