Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More cards.....

Been creating some cards for the last couple of days, in between other projects I have going, here are 4 of them.  The bonnet girl I cut out free hand and just glued her together, it's for my aunt who lives in Georgia.
I love to use scrapbook paper and just layer.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trash to Treasure.......

Trash to Treasure........... one empty cardboard beverage container
and some create a whimsical tools holder!

Hubby was going to toss this 6 bottle cardboard holder into the trash last week and I grabbed it away from him, looked it over and told him I was going to create a treasure from his trash!  He rolled his eyes and walked away.  I decided it would become a pretty holder for paintbrushes, pencils, pens, etc.

So, first, I spray painted it a couple of times, spray covers faster and dries faster than brushing the paint on.

Too give it extra stability, I took 6 empty plastic soda bottles, cut them down to size and slid one into each slot (refer to picture).  They fit perfectly snug.

Need 5 more empty plastic soda bottles.
Finished project!!  Now to fill it up!

Then I went to town embellishing until I was happy with it!!  I used all kinds of trinkets, scrapbook paper, beads, paper flowers, etc., etc., etc.!!
Hopefully you can make one too!!  I LOVE to recycle!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Silk Flower Art in Rustic Frames

I had these two wooden, 8"x8", rather rustic looking frames that were just laying around with nothing to do,  they were too pretty to just throw into a storage box, so I thought and thought on what I could use them for.  So, I pulled out two colorful silk  flowers from my collection, cut them apart and hot glued them back together into the 4x4 inch opening with some large leaves and there you go!  Flower art!

Monday, February 11, 2013


Making Valentine cards today.  I love using Recollections packaged blank cards with envelopes, they come in many wonderful colors!!  
Those heart shaped paper doilies are so perfect for Valentine projects, the only problem is gluing them down with the bulk and mess of liquid glue, so, instead I ran it through the Xyron machine, to make it like a sticker, just peel and stick. Love it, but my Xyron is sooooo old!  I need a new one.
I also made a rose with ribbon and glued a sparklie in the center, and also added some Diamond mesh wrap roll sparkle rhinestone ribbon on the bottom and on the upper right hand side of the card.  You can find this awesome ribbon at floral supply places, or, you can Google it and find it online.  It is very versatile, flexible and can be cut into any shape.  I highly recommend this product, I just love it!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Art using paint chips

Anytime we make a trip to Home Depot or Lowes, I make a bee line to the paint department.   I LOVE to look at all the different color paint chips they have on display......for the!!  I pick and choose lots of those paint chips every time and bring them home with me, they can be used in many art projects......but they just sit there...... in a box......... with all the others I collected before.  So I decided to make art with them!  I had two 8x10 canvases and sprayed painted both black, then used my fingers to paint one foreground in teal and the other in a nice rich green.  I then painted a black heart in the center and took the teal paint chips and cut them up in different sizes and glued them in the heart in a mosaic style and did the same for the second one with green paint chips.  After all was dry, I wrote out "Faith" on the green and "Hope" on the  teal.  I am very happy with the end results, two more canvases are waiting to be made up the same way, with other inspiring words.   Can't hardly wait to work on them!!  I'll post those pics when they are finished.