Saturday, November 28, 2009


This is a sneak peek at what I will sell on Etsy if I ever get it going. This is one of many fairies that I make with lots of ribbon and specialty yarn. Lots of fun making it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fake Cake (money tree)

Fake Cake/Money Tree
Hi again, here is a fake cake that I made for one of my brother-in-laws and his wife for their Wedding Anniversary Party. It took the place of a money tree...the guests just dropped off their cards into the slot on top of fake cake! It was a big hit...looked just like the real cake!! It was in December thus the poinsettias.

To make one like this, you'll need:
3 hat boxes, different sizes - 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small (remove all lids, save for later use)
white acrylic paint
1 or 2 sponge paint brushes
small piece Styrofoam 5"x2"
hot glue gun and glue sticks
craft knife
About a foot of wide red ribbon (any type, to cover Styrofoam)
Silk Poinsettia bush with multiple blooms (medium flower size)
--the amount of blooms depends on the size of the finished cake.
Bush of sparkly Christmas greenery
Embellishments (I used strands of gold puffy hearts for this cake)

You can buy most of these supplies at Walmart or Dollar Stores.

Paint all boxes, excluding lids, with white acrylic paint. Let dry thoroughly.

Large hat box.......turn box upside down, take medium hat box and place on top of the large box - center it carefully, then trace all around it. Remove medium box. Take craft knife and cut about one inch on the INSIDE of the traced circle on the bottom of the large box.
Medium hat box....turn box upside down, take small hat box and place on top of the medium box - center it carefully, then trace all around it. Remove small box. Take craft knife and cut about one inch on the INSIDE of the traced circle on the bottom of the medium box.
Small hat box.....turn box upside down, measure about the length of a large greeting card (roughly 9 1/2") add 1" to that, draw a line that length (10 1/2") on the outside of the bottom of the small box (make sure it is centered) and cut a slot on the line on the bottom of the small hat box wide enough to allow the envelopes to slide through easily, about 1/2" wide. After all the cuts have been made, paint the boxes ensure good paint coverage.
Take the large lid and carefully remove and discard the band leaving only the circle of cardboard. Turn large box right side up and glue the circle of cardboard to that side of the large box thus sealing it. That will be the bottom of the cake. You will still have the opening on the other side of the box that you cut out before, that will be the top of the box. Next, place the medium box (upside down) over the cut out part of the large box and center it, once you know where it needs to go, lift it and apply hot glue along the rim then place it back down again. Now you have two layers with an opening between (for the cards to fall through into the large box). Take the small box and glue it upside down to the top of the medium box making sure the slot for the envelopes is on top(which is actually the bottom of the box). After all three boxes are glued to each other, you have a three layer cake. Run a bead of hot glue along the layers where they come together to secure. Paint the complete cake again if you like.
Then comes the fun part...Decorating it!! I glued a running strand of gold puffy hearts along where the layers meet (to cover the bead of hot glue) See picture. Then I hot glued poinsettias going up along one side of the cake curving around all the way to top. Make a small arrangement on the small piece of Styrofoam for the top of the cake. Cover the Styrofoam with a wide red ribbon, glue the arrangement to the top of the cake behind the card slot to allow for the people to insert their cards. The contents of the fake cake can be removed by cutting out the bottom of the cake after the party. It can easily be fixed for the next party!

You may of course make this cake for different occasions, use your imagination, let your creativity run wild!! It will be the hit of the party!!

Mardi gras masks

Fun Mardi Gras masks!

These Mardi gras masks are not so hard to make, just a little labor intensive.

Materials you'll need (to make blue mask) :
Blue poster board
3 Ostrich feathers (white)
Assorted matching sparkly ribbons and glittered tulle strips;
about three yards long each, different widths (cut off 1 yard of at least 6 or 7 of the ribbons to use for bow)
Stringed beads...metallic (silver or gold)
Blue glitter
Assorted embellishments
Honeycomb metallic ribbon (for ruffle around mask)
Glittered curly reeds
Stapler and staples
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
White glue
Small paint brush
Florist wire
1/2 inch diameter wooden dowel cut down to 18 or 20 inches long
One 10x10 inch square of black felt
1 small amount of black acrylic paint

All of these supplies may be purchased at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Floral Supply Warehouses.

Draw a mask shape of desired size on blue poster board. Cut it out including eye holes (do the same with the black felt for use later). Use small paint brush to apply white glue all over the front of poster board mask, cover entire area with blue glitter, tap excess glitter off, set aside to dry. (may need a couple of hours to dry) Clean paint brush and use it to paint the dowel black.
Meanwhile, gather all the ribbons, stringed beads and glittered tulle and fold in half lengthwise, secure with a 10 inch length of florist wire.
Make florist bow with the ribbons that had been cut and set aside before, attach the gathered ribbons to the back of the bow with the wire used to make the florist bow and set aside.
Now, back to the mask, after the glitter has set and dried then you may begin to embellish it. Click on above picture to see close up. To make the ruffle around the mask, you will need to take the honeycomb ribbon (as in the picture) or other ribbon of your liking, gather it into a ruffle, securing each ruffle with a staple until you get the length to go around the mask. Glue the ruffle all around the BACK of the mask, making sure it shows prettily from the front of mask. Glue the curly reeds first then the feathers also to the back of the mask (see picture for placement), then embellish the front of the mask to your hearts content, use white glue or hot glue to attach items until you get it just the way you want it. You may also glue embellishments on the feathers. After your mask is decorated just the way you like, take the painted wooden dowel and place it on the right or left hand side of the back of the mask next to the eye hole and hot glue it down. The dowel is used for holding the mask up to your face. Take the black felt mask shape that you cut out at the beginning and glue it to the back of the mask, covering the back entirely (except, of course for the eye holes), leaving the back of the mask neat and clean. Now attach (glue) the bow and ribbons to the dowel right below the mask.
And there you have it...a beautiful Mardi Gras mask that you made yourself!! ENJOY!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hi again...this is a paint can I decorated for gift can fill it up with Christmas goodies, or a secret Santa gift or fill it to the brim with candy and set it on your desk or table.
All it takes for this fun project is just a few things and a new empty paint can with lid, you can purchase clean new ones at the hardware store in the paint department (also purchase the handy lid lifter/opener, to help open it in case you close the lid too tight).

Items needed:
1 new empty paint can with lid
1 lid lifter/opener (attach with ribbon along one side of can)
wrapping paper of choice
glue (decoupage or white glue)
glue gun and sticks
1 wooden 1" ball painted matching color
1 matching Christmas ornament
2 or 3 jingle bells
assorted short lengths of matching ribbon
dimensional glitter glue (in a tube)

Start by measuring around the paint can, width and height and cut the wrapping paper to those dimensions. Wrap the paper around the can, cut notches to allow for the handle. Once you get it just right..glue it in place. Do the same for the lid. (see picture) Trim around with dimensional glitter glue on top edge of wrapping paper, do same for the lid. Glue painted wooden ball to middle of lid. Tie short lengths of the matching ribbon to the handle as many as you like, attach an ornament to one side of the can (off the handle) and 2 or 3 jingle bells to the other side, add a gift tag and WaaLaa!! There you have it!
Imagine the possibilities, here are a couple of ideas;
  • Leave unwrapped and decorate with handyman tools stickers on the outside and fill with useful household tools for someone moving into a new house or apartment. You may leave this one open, to allow for those items to stick out the top.
  • Decorate with baby wrapping and give it to the new dad filled with goggles, tongs, face mask, rubber gloves, spray deodorizer and an apron so he can help change baby's diaper!! This one is a big hit at baby showers!!
And the lists goes on...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pretty cover for watercooler bottle

Would you like to pretty-up your yucky 5 gallon watercooler jug that sits on the dispenser. Well, here is an idea that will add a decorative flair to your space.
Purchase 2 large table placemats to match you decor, here I chose a Chef because the theme in my kitchen/dining room is Chefs. Measure around the widest part on the 5 gallon jug of water, measure the placemats and make adjustments and sew together, end to end. Then sew a coordinating ruffle on the bottom. Very easy. You will also need a piece of fabric matching the ruffle.
Lay the piece of fabric over the 5 gallon jug over the bottom of the jug (as you know it sits upside down on the dispenser) let it drape down about 4 inches and trim around. Then slip the cover you just made over the jug and fabric and there you have it.......all dressed up and ready to show off!
You may make one for every season. There are some really beautiful placemats out there, especially the seasonal ones. At Holloween make a witchy one and place a witches hat on top, at Christmas make a santa one and place a santa's hat on it!! Very fun! Believe me, you will get lots of compliments on it and be prepared to sew some up for your friends because they will ask you!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yellow/blue diaper cake

This is a real good idea for a unique gift for a baby shower, I know there are so many diaper cakes ideas out there but I just have to show you one I made that got many compliments at a recent baby shower.
Use Newborn disposable diapers, they work really well for this project.
They really are so easy to make, use cardboard to cut out a circle any size you want the bottom layer to be...
1. Start from the middle of the cardboard, place the diapers in a circle working your way outwards, tie a thin ribbon around the diapers to hold them in place. When you get the desired size make sure they are snug.
2. Start the second layer...position the diapers the same way only you do not need a second round cardboard and make it smaller than the first. This may be done on the counter or table top.
3. Start the third layer...same as before, making it smaller than the second layer.
Place the largest layer on bottom, followed by the second smallest on top of the first, then the third smallest on the very top. (refer to picture above)
Tuck in some matching crinkle paper here and there to make it look really pretty.
Take some wide ribbon and place around each layer (hiding the original thin ribbon you used to hold diapers together), finish off with a bow. Line the layers up so that the bows are on the same side. Add a matching decorative ribbon around the bottom of the cake to give it a finished look. (refer to picture above)
Tuck baby items here and there, top off with a baby doll or a stork or any thing you think will look pretty as a cake topper.
See, I told you it was easy.
Transporting to site of party might be a little tricky because layers might slip off. Treat it as you would a real cake...gingerly. You may purchase an extra large clear cellophane gift bag and place the cake in it, and gather it at the top, finish it off with ribbons and a huge bow. Attach a cute gift tag and it's good to go.
Depending on the size of the diaper cake you want to make be prepared to buy several packages of Newborn disposable diapers!
Added tip: You can tuck in some gift certificates for the mommy-to-be as an added surprise, maybe; Starbucks, book store or baby sitting coupons....use you imagination....she will certainly appreciate it!

Chocolate covered yummies

How about surprising some of your favorite friends and family with some yummy caramel covered, chocolate coated, nut encrusted apples, or chocolate covered pretzels for this upcoming holiday season. Sound good?
All you need are some green Granny Smith apples, chocolate almond bark, white (vanilla) almond bark and caramel wraps. Wrap the apple with the caramel wrap, insert stick into top of apple about half way in, dip the apple into or spoon melted chocolate almond bark over the apple, covering it entirely (follow directions on package label on how to melt) then quickly attached chunks of pecans or walnuts directly onto the chocolate, don't wait too long or the almond bark will harden and the nuts will just fall off. You may spoon melted white (vanilla) almond bark over the nuts for added deliciousness and presentation. Sit them on waxed paper to set, it won't stick. I add artificial fall leaves on the top for added flair. Not only is the finished product beautiful but very delicious as well! Once the chocolate sets you may slip one into a cellophane bag and attach a bow and some ribbon to make it look really festive.
I hope you try this....they make really impressive gifts.
The pretzels are so easy, just dip into chocolate almond bark and sprinkle with any kind of sprinkles you desire or just spoon the white (vanilla) almond bark over the chocolate covered pretzel with a zigzag pattern. These are especially great for those folks just want to give a little something to. I love them!! My very good friend, Elsie, showed me how to make the apples. She is amazing!! I love these kind of gifts because they are Homemade from the Heart.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just a thought........
Don't you think daisy's are beautiful, they are unassuming and happy swaying in the wind, almost like they are dancing to music only they can hear.....but, if you close your eyes and listen very carefully, you can almost hear the soft twinkling musical sounds the fairies are making as they flutter around the daisies playing hide and seek with one another...

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I've made these really nice birthday gifts for friends and family...(a little while back).
I used to own a very small gift basket business, and these were one of my best sellers.
The Igloo Company no longer produces these small personal size coolers (much to my distress). This size was perfect for this kind of gift!! I made so many munchie gifts like these, for different themes and occasions. It's two gifts in one, the munchies and the cooler. The new small coolers the company makes doesn't really work well for this kind of project.

Items: 1 small personal size cooler, assorted snacks, 1 or 2 soft drinks, some brown paper grocery bags or butcher paper. One Shrink wrap bag* (size to fit item) or shrink wrap film* and a heat gun* and some clear adhesive tape. Optional ribbons and bow.

Instructions: Leave lid open and fill inside bottom of cooler with some crumpled-up brown paper bags to fill half way to top. Place munchies in and arrange prettily, I use clear tape to attach those goodies, that will not cooperate, to help them stay where you place them. I then slide the shrink wrap bag over the top and all the way down (trim bag if too long) bring together underneath and use clear tape to secure. (Or you may use shrink wrap film (on a roll) cut off enough to cover the entire munchie filled cooler and drape over it and secure with the tape underneath). Then plug in your heat gun, switch to medium heat, let it warm up for a couple of seconds. FYI....Please read all the manufacturers instructions on the Heat Gun before using it. Be very careful with this heat gun because it does blow very hot air and the business end of it gets EXTREMELY HOT!!! Hold heat gun about 12 to 18 inches from the cooler and slowly rotate the cooler, you can see the shrink wrap start to shrink and conform to the munchie cooler. DO NOT blow the hot air on one spot too long or it will burn a hole in the shrink wrap....then you will have to start all over again. Believe me, that happened to me many times until I got the hang of it. When the wrap looks nice and are finished with the heat gun. Finish off with a nice bow and some ribbons... and whoever you give this to will love you for it!!

You notice that in the above picture the shrink wrap is not even visible...but it is there, keeping everything in place.

*You will find the items( marked with the asterisk) you will need to complete this project on the internet for purchase (just google it) or at your local florist supply centers. Have fun!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Something new....

Just created my Blog!!  I will soon be adding lots of crafting and scrapbooking ideas!