Sunday, September 13, 2009


I've made these really nice birthday gifts for friends and family...(a little while back).
I used to own a very small gift basket business, and these were one of my best sellers.
The Igloo Company no longer produces these small personal size coolers (much to my distress). This size was perfect for this kind of gift!! I made so many munchie gifts like these, for different themes and occasions. It's two gifts in one, the munchies and the cooler. The new small coolers the company makes doesn't really work well for this kind of project.

Items: 1 small personal size cooler, assorted snacks, 1 or 2 soft drinks, some brown paper grocery bags or butcher paper. One Shrink wrap bag* (size to fit item) or shrink wrap film* and a heat gun* and some clear adhesive tape. Optional ribbons and bow.

Instructions: Leave lid open and fill inside bottom of cooler with some crumpled-up brown paper bags to fill half way to top. Place munchies in and arrange prettily, I use clear tape to attach those goodies, that will not cooperate, to help them stay where you place them. I then slide the shrink wrap bag over the top and all the way down (trim bag if too long) bring together underneath and use clear tape to secure. (Or you may use shrink wrap film (on a roll) cut off enough to cover the entire munchie filled cooler and drape over it and secure with the tape underneath). Then plug in your heat gun, switch to medium heat, let it warm up for a couple of seconds. FYI....Please read all the manufacturers instructions on the Heat Gun before using it. Be very careful with this heat gun because it does blow very hot air and the business end of it gets EXTREMELY HOT!!! Hold heat gun about 12 to 18 inches from the cooler and slowly rotate the cooler, you can see the shrink wrap start to shrink and conform to the munchie cooler. DO NOT blow the hot air on one spot too long or it will burn a hole in the shrink wrap....then you will have to start all over again. Believe me, that happened to me many times until I got the hang of it. When the wrap looks nice and are finished with the heat gun. Finish off with a nice bow and some ribbons... and whoever you give this to will love you for it!!

You notice that in the above picture the shrink wrap is not even visible...but it is there, keeping everything in place.

*You will find the items( marked with the asterisk) you will need to complete this project on the internet for purchase (just google it) or at your local florist supply centers. Have fun!!!

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