Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hi again...this is a paint can I decorated for gift can fill it up with Christmas goodies, or a secret Santa gift or fill it to the brim with candy and set it on your desk or table.
All it takes for this fun project is just a few things and a new empty paint can with lid, you can purchase clean new ones at the hardware store in the paint department (also purchase the handy lid lifter/opener, to help open it in case you close the lid too tight).

Items needed:
1 new empty paint can with lid
1 lid lifter/opener (attach with ribbon along one side of can)
wrapping paper of choice
glue (decoupage or white glue)
glue gun and sticks
1 wooden 1" ball painted matching color
1 matching Christmas ornament
2 or 3 jingle bells
assorted short lengths of matching ribbon
dimensional glitter glue (in a tube)

Start by measuring around the paint can, width and height and cut the wrapping paper to those dimensions. Wrap the paper around the can, cut notches to allow for the handle. Once you get it just right..glue it in place. Do the same for the lid. (see picture) Trim around with dimensional glitter glue on top edge of wrapping paper, do same for the lid. Glue painted wooden ball to middle of lid. Tie short lengths of the matching ribbon to the handle as many as you like, attach an ornament to one side of the can (off the handle) and 2 or 3 jingle bells to the other side, add a gift tag and WaaLaa!! There you have it!
Imagine the possibilities, here are a couple of ideas;
  • Leave unwrapped and decorate with handyman tools stickers on the outside and fill with useful household tools for someone moving into a new house or apartment. You may leave this one open, to allow for those items to stick out the top.
  • Decorate with baby wrapping and give it to the new dad filled with goggles, tongs, face mask, rubber gloves, spray deodorizer and an apron so he can help change baby's diaper!! This one is a big hit at baby showers!!
And the lists goes on...

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