Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chocolate covered yummies

How about surprising some of your favorite friends and family with some yummy caramel covered, chocolate coated, nut encrusted apples, or chocolate covered pretzels for this upcoming holiday season. Sound good?
All you need are some green Granny Smith apples, chocolate almond bark, white (vanilla) almond bark and caramel wraps. Wrap the apple with the caramel wrap, insert stick into top of apple about half way in, dip the apple into or spoon melted chocolate almond bark over the apple, covering it entirely (follow directions on package label on how to melt) then quickly attached chunks of pecans or walnuts directly onto the chocolate, don't wait too long or the almond bark will harden and the nuts will just fall off. You may spoon melted white (vanilla) almond bark over the nuts for added deliciousness and presentation. Sit them on waxed paper to set, it won't stick. I add artificial fall leaves on the top for added flair. Not only is the finished product beautiful but very delicious as well! Once the chocolate sets you may slip one into a cellophane bag and attach a bow and some ribbon to make it look really festive.
I hope you try this....they make really impressive gifts.
The pretzels are so easy, just dip into chocolate almond bark and sprinkle with any kind of sprinkles you desire or just spoon the white (vanilla) almond bark over the chocolate covered pretzel with a zigzag pattern. These are especially great for those folks just want to give a little something to. I love them!! My very good friend, Elsie, showed me how to make the apples. She is amazing!! I love these kind of gifts because they are Homemade from the Heart.

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