Friday, September 18, 2009

Pretty cover for watercooler bottle

Would you like to pretty-up your yucky 5 gallon watercooler jug that sits on the dispenser. Well, here is an idea that will add a decorative flair to your space.
Purchase 2 large table placemats to match you decor, here I chose a Chef because the theme in my kitchen/dining room is Chefs. Measure around the widest part on the 5 gallon jug of water, measure the placemats and make adjustments and sew together, end to end. Then sew a coordinating ruffle on the bottom. Very easy. You will also need a piece of fabric matching the ruffle.
Lay the piece of fabric over the 5 gallon jug over the bottom of the jug (as you know it sits upside down on the dispenser) let it drape down about 4 inches and trim around. Then slip the cover you just made over the jug and fabric and there you have it.......all dressed up and ready to show off!
You may make one for every season. There are some really beautiful placemats out there, especially the seasonal ones. At Holloween make a witchy one and place a witches hat on top, at Christmas make a santa one and place a santa's hat on it!! Very fun! Believe me, you will get lots of compliments on it and be prepared to sew some up for your friends because they will ask you!

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