Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have been looking locally for a dress form to buy, just the torso, and have been having no luck at all finding one for sale. Every single shoppe I've inquired at has informed me that they do not sell their mannequins! There are many on line but are a little pricey and there's the shipping and handling to consider. So, I decided to make one using duct tape and lots of wadded up newspaper. It was a little harder than I thought, but kept at it till I was more or less happy with the shape. Next step, cut strips of newspaper to make papier mache to wrap it and after a couple of layers of that comes the painting and then the fun part.....embellishing with all kinds of lovely lace and things....I am anxious to finish it!! More pictures will be posted soon!

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  1. Sylvia, what a wonderfully creative idea! I would love to try something similar using my handmade papers to cover 'her'. Thanks for sharing this!