Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here is the 2nd step of my attempt at creating a homemade dress form. I used strips of newspaper and a white glue/water mix (papier mache). Two layers of that, letting it dry in between. The next step is to paint it with Kilz (a primer) then paint, then decoupage then the fun part, alter and/or embellish it!! I'm really having fun with this.
I placed the form onto a lazy-susan to make it easier to rotate to apply the paper strips on it, however, when it was bone dry the form stuck to the lazy-susan and my hubby had to help me pull it free without damage to the form. It was a really a huge help though, rotating the form made it so much easier for the even layering of the papier mache.

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  1. love it what a great idea to place it on the lazy Susan. xoxo Laura