Monday, April 20, 2015

My Book...Sarah and the Little Spider Prince

Sarah and the Little Spider Prince
Hi guys!!!  Around March of last year (2014), I submitted a manuscript, a short children's story, to a publishing company.  It was accepted.  I am so very excited to say that it was just released a few days ago!!!!!  It is on  right now!!!  I had my first book signing at a book fair the very next day!!! It was so much fun!!! There were other authors there with their books too. It was so, so very amazing to sign my name on my books that were purchased!!!
It was like a dream!!!  Thanks to God, it is actually a dream come true!!!
It's called "Sarah and the Little Spider Prince"  The illustrator who did the art is so, so very talented and did an absolutely, wonderful outstanding job!!!  Go see it at!!!

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